Sorry my internet’s been out for a while. Here’s some projects I kept myself occupied with at the time!

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Finally assembled the Sheep Man headband! Horns based off of his design in Mega Man 10, stuffed with a little polyester fiberfil to be extra snuggly. The headband was made with a basic shell stitch.

Many thanks to my sister for modeling this!

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eee hee hee hee C:

eee hee hee hee C:

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Here’s a ushanka hat, based directly off of Kyle Broflovski from South Park. The ear-flaps kind of pop out and the rear of the hat is extended since I’m basing this off of side-references from the show. Made for Icy, who’s been going through some really rough shit that no one deserves to go through.

I really hope things start to pick up for you Icy. Send me a PM if it’s possible for me to send this hat your way!

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practice stitching here and there

ho hum

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Aw yiss, crocheted Wind Man beanie hat, based on his appearance in Mega Man 6! Made this for my buddy Zant since Wind is his favorite Robot Master, and I’ll find a way to cram this hat into a shipping envelope and send it over to him.

Used “Red Heart Super Saver" yarn and a thinner hand-threaded black yarn for the embroidery. Stuffed the goofy chain link with polyester fiberfil, so I wouldn’t recommend putting it through the wash. In essence that’s why I made it detachable from the cap, which is indeed machine wash friendly. Makes a pretty comfortable beanie on its own, but by all means annoy your friends by swinging the little chain mace around and bopping them.

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fhbfsjkhbf finally figured out the finishing touches on that megahat

if it weren’t so late and work weren’t tomorrow I’d be thrilled to stay up and finish it but you know

I’ll have photos up sometime tomorrow of the finished project. expect plenty of megaman-related crochet projects from here on after

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kristanni-20x6 said:  Have you ever thought of making crochet pillows? I occasionally sew pillows sometimes.

That’s nifty! I’m pretty bad at hand-sewing and I can’t operate a sewing machine for the life of me, but my sister’s excellent at it.

As for crochet, I made a really derpy pillow cover many many years ago and it wound up back in my room quite recently. It’s the same blaring hot pink as the bedroom I moved into omg.

I wonder what would make a nice new pillow cover design. A friend wanted my sister to sew Touhou chip pillows and I still think those would look awesome, but I don’t think they would look as nice crocheted. For crochet pillows I could extend an afghan square, or maybe do a video game related one.

  • Tetris blocks pattern
  • Kirby star block
  • Balrog (Cave Story)

All of these sound tempting…

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welcome new blag 

So I haven’t really explained the point of this side-blog, but it can be inferred that I’m going to showcase my crochet junk here!

My grandmother taught me the craft several years ago, and it’s a part of her I’ve kept with me since. It’s one of those hobbies that’s on-and-off for me, but hopefully I can keep this blog consistently updated and my projects done accordingly with the seasons. I tried learning knitting several times and dropped it, but perhaps I’ll try picking it up again as a new year’s project.

My askbox is always open for any questions. If there’s a crochet pattern that you’d like to share with me, or if you have a pattern-less idea that you’d like to see me attempt crocheting, do please put those in the submissions box for me to check out! I’m very fond of Nintendo series and I’m fairly fandom-friendly, so feel free to throw out suggestions based on pre-existing media too. I’ll really benefit from the brainstorming, so feel free to mention what you’d like to see on this new blog.

And that’s about it! Have a reluctant Fireman with a bowl of yarn.

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Welp, here’s the first post of my new crocheting blog! I figured I’d start off with an easy triangle scarf I finished just today. The pattern can be found here on Bernat’s site (you’ll need an account to view it but signing up is free either way). The pets were pretty interested in it too.

The original pattern has fringes along the edges. Since it makes a cozy bandana too, I decided to skip the fringes this time and consider them for another scarf.

I’m in love with this so far! The yarn I used is some blue variation of “Sensations Casual Boucle Yarn” that I picked up at Jo-Ann’s on a whim last year. Really awesome and comfortable material; it comes in bulk and the colors blend wonderfully. It would’ve blended better in the top rows but the yarn skein was cut for some odd reason.

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